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MH-2004 Math Drops in the Bucket - Book 4 of 4 (for K-1)

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Aligns to ALL state standards.

Book 4 of 4 for all K-1 students.

This solid, unhurried sequence of developmentally appropriate lessons lays down the cornerstones for a lifetime of math success and enjoyment.

Same Skills, Format, and Directions Each Day!
• Words and concepts
        signs and symbols
• Numerical sequence
• Counting
• Geometry:  which one is different?
• Ones and tens
• Addition problem solving
• Subtraction problem solving
• Equations
• Three addends
• Tell math stories:
        adding and subtracting
• Follow written directions
• Write numerals
• Use numbers from 0-100

Drops in the Bucket books are non-refundable.