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The Frog System

Bring simplicity, achievement, and joy back into your teaching!

Fun-In-A-Bucket Reward-and-Review Skill-Maintenance Games
Reward-and-Review Skill-Maintenance Games
Millions of teachers and students across the country love Drops in the Bucket. Now, you’ll flip over this fun new game series by the same author! You’ll have the power of Drops blown up to 25 of the most taught and tested skills! Your students will review them all every time they play a Fun-In-A-Bucket Game. Instant, self-checking feedback maximizes learning and retention. A sure winner for success!

Frog Super Learning Center Game Sets
Frog Super Learning Center
Game Sets
Each Frog Publications Super Learning Game Set provides 25 different self-checking games, 10 vividly illustrated Frog gameboards, moving pieces, and directions.  Each Frog game focuses on an important skill or topic for complete mastery of 25 skills per level!  Play any game on any gameboard for immense variety - 250 game combinations in one box!  Students can play independently or with a partner.  Even students at different levels can play together.

Frog Family Fun-Packs
Frog Family Fun-Packs
Instant Family Engagement
An instant parental-involvement, homework, and test-preparation program of self-checking games that review 25 skills every night so kids never forget! Frog Family 
Fun-Packs provide positive family interactions, effective home-school communication, and a systematic way for parents to help students do well academically. Meets federal and state guidelines.

Drops in the Bucket
Drops in the Bucket
Daily Review
Just a “little drop” of review every day makes old skills easy to remember and new skills easy to grasp! Each includes 12 weeks of systematic, spiraling daily review for skill maintenance using the same format and simple directions each day. Drops in the Bucket make it easy for you to ensure maintenance of skills in reading, math, or math in Spanish, !
*Reproduce the lessons for up to 35 students or call for workbook pricing.

Use all components of the Frog System to multiply your success!