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About Us

Since 1976 Frog Publications, a family-owned and operated business, has been providing schools across the globe with successful educational programs.

Frog Publications Learning Games are research-based supplementary materials which provide reinforced practice to mastery. All Frog Publications Learning Games use identical directions and procedures which are derived from research-proven learning principles such as those included in the Research Reports. Each Frog Publications Learning Game focuses on one academic skill selected from the skills most commonly taught and tested at each grade level.

From 1997 to present, Frog Publications Learning Games have been used by every school adopting the HOSTS (Helping One Student To Succeed) Learning Program.

Frog Publications is your source when you need materials for:
• Your Classroom
• Test Preparation
• Parent Activity Night
• Homework or After-school Programs
• Or Just to Make Learning Fun

Teachers love Frog Publications for the following reasons:
• Self-Checking and Hands-On
• Terrific, Ready-to-Use Learning Centers
• Students Needing Different Levels or Skills Can Practice Together
• One Set of Easy-to-Learn Rules for All Frog Games
• Alternative to Worksheets