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Frog Super Learning Center Games

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Frog Learning Center Game

Frog Publications Classroom Learning Game Sets
Imagine the delight on your students’ faces as they discover the fun and ease of learning with Frog Publications Classroom Learning Game Sets. Each of the 25 games in these super learning centers focus on a single important skill or topic. Students play independently freeing teachers to work with others. Students can play any game on any gameboard for immense variety – 250 game combinations – all with the same simple rules! Even students at different levels can play together! Each set contains 25 different self-checking games and 10 vividly illustrated gameboards and comes in a colorful, laminated classroom display box.

What's in each Frog Classroom Learning Games Set?
Each Frog Classroom Learning Games Set is complete and ready to use and comes in a colorful, laminated classroom display box with the following:
• 25 games, each focusing on single skill or topic
• 10 vibrantly illustrated, laminated gameboards
• Colorful playing pieces
• Simple, easy-to-learn directions

The Frog Story
"As a teacher I found that every day I was faced with new and interesting challenges. But there were some things that were there everyday -- the problems of what to do with the children that I wasn't working with and the problem of motivating children and getting them to learn the information that they really needed to know. I wanted something that would do all of those things, and in addition to that, the children could do independently so that I didn't have to be right there with them. There was nothing like that and so I began creating the Frog Games for my own class."
–Mary Jo Hand, Former Teacher and Author of Frog Publications Materials

Review for Reading, Language, Math, Critical Thinking,
Social Studies, and even Spanish!

Whether your students need review Reading, Language, Math, Critical Thinking, Social Studies skills, or even Spanish, you're sure to find the levels that are right for you!

What Makes Frog Classroom Learning Games Great?
• ALL 25 games in each Frog Classroom Learning Games Set reinforce the most commonly taught and tested skills at each level. Frog Classroom Learning Games support your curriculum and correlate with your testing program.
• ALL Frog Classroom Learning Games use the same, simple rules. Once you teach your students the one set of easy, courteous Frog-Game rules, they can play EVERY one of the Frog Games from PK to 5th grade level.
• Students can play any Frog Game on any Frog Gameboard for immense variety – that's over 250 game combinations!
• Even students at different levels can play together!
• Students use Frog Classroom Learning Games independently freeing you to work with others!

fp-840-face-left-500px.jpgComplete and Ready-to-Use Learning Centers!
Every Frog Classroom Learning Game includes 25 skill games, each focusing on a single skill or topic, 10 playfully illustrated gameboards, playing tokens, and a colorful and sturdy classroom display box. Each set is fully assembled and is ready to use for classroom centers or as supplemental practice activities. There is nothing to cut, color, or put together. It's all been done for you.

Makes Learning Easy and Fun!
Frog Classroom Learning Games are kid-friendly and right on target when it comes to skills. Students see the games as a reward, but they are using a very powerful teaching tool. Children feel a sense of accomplishment when playing Frog Classroom Learning Games because they can do them independently. They think they're just playing a game, but they're actually learning.

Solves Motivational Problems!
To motivate and encourage kids, there are no frustrating go-backs or lose-a-turns when playing Frog Classroom Learning Games. Only good things happen – an extra turn. . . a shortcut! And thanks to the simple Frog courtesy rules, practicing and learning with a partner is fun. For example, sometimes a student might give an incorrect answer. When that happens, the student says, "That's ok. You'll get it right the next time." The student who gave the incorrect answer takes the card back and studies it. Their playing partner can help them. It's a cooperative learning situation. Once the student understands the answer, the card goes back into the unused stack. It will come up again before the game is over, so students want to remember what they've learned. The student doesn't move ahead when a mistake is made, but is not discouraged by having to go back either.

Builds Test Confidence!
The 25 different games in each Frog Classroom Learning Games Set provide practice on the skills and topics aligned to tests for that level. The repetition develops the confidence necessary for positive learning attitudes and high achievement in class and on tests!

Even Students at Different Levels Can Play Together!
Every class has students at different levels with different needs. With the Frog games, they can play together. Just use two different sets of cards on the same gameboard. Each student uses a separate set of cards which matches his or her needs. There are even Frog games for children who can't read. So, any students can play together.

Self-Checking and Hands-On
ALL Frog Classroom Learning Games are self-checking and hands-on. The Frog Classroom Learning Games are extremely versatile. The cards can be used without gameboards as an independent, self-checking learning tool. Some students like to play solitaire for extra practice. And, to add an extra dimension to your teaching, a small-group study activity can be lots of fun.

Same, Simple Rules for ALL Frog Games!
Think of the last time you taught your students a game. How long did it take just to teach the rules? Think of the time you'll game by using Frog Classroom Learning Games. They all use the same, simple, courteous rules!

Research-Based Learning Center Activities
Frog Classroom Learning Games are research-based supplementary materials which provide reinforced practice to mastery (overlearning). All Frog Classroom Learning Games use identical directions and procedures which are derived from research-proven learning principles such as those included in our Frog Classroom Learning Games Research Report.

Who Should Use Them and When?
• K-6 classrooms, Special Ed, and Title 1 teachers and students
• Learning centers
• Diagnostic reading/math programs
• Spare time activities
• Classroom practice
• Summer school
• Home-school or tutoring

Selecting the Appropriate Levels for Differentiated Instruction
Select Frog Classroom Learning Games Sets at your students’ REVIEW level. Whether your students need review in Math, Reading, Social Studies, Critical Thinking or Spanish, you're sure to find the levels that meet your students' needs. View samples cards from each of the Frog Classroom Learning Games Sets to find the appropriate levels for your students. Each of the Frog Classroom Learning Games Sets provide the consistent practice and a very solid foundation upon which further classroom instruction is built. Whichever level seems right for your students, start one level lower to firm up the foundation in both skills, confidence, and attitude. Plan to use more than one level with your students.

En Español, También!
Make learning the basic vocabulary of a second language easy and fun with the Spanish/English Basic Vocabulary Set! The 25 vocabulary-building skill games clearly illustrate basic Spanish and English words and phrases. The Spanish/English Basic Vocabulary Set is perfect for students who read Spanish, but have not yet learned to read or speak English. It is also useful for English speaking students who are learning Spanish.
   Introduce students to hundreds of inspiring role models with the Hispanic-American Achievers Set. Your students will expand their vocabulary, develop important reading comprehension skills, build pride and appreciation for accomplishments of Hispanic Americans, and extend their awareness of careers while having fun playing the 25 games in this set.

Success with the Frog System
The Frog Publications Classroom Learning Games are just one essential component of the complete Frog System. The Frog System consists of Drops in the Bucket, Frog Classroom Learning Games, and Frog Family Fun-Packs. When all 3 components are used together, the Frog System is one of the most well-rounded, powerful and fun curriculum-based programs you can have in your hands.

Replacement Parts
Each Classroom Set is manufactured to be sold as a unit. However, we may sometimes have extra components. We always do our best to accommodate your needs. Please call our customer service representatives to discuss your specific needs at 800-777-3764. Replacement parts are available for those who have purchased Frog Classroom Learning Game Sets.

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