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Frog Learning Center Games Resources

Frog Publications Classroom Learning Games Video
To make every minute count, watch the Frog Video below! See how students of various abilities and ages work independently with the Frog Classroom Learning Games.

Individual Practice SheetFrog Learning Center Games Individual Practice Sheet
Duplicate the Practice Sheet at the right or just use plain paper. Staple several copies or sheets together to make a booklet for each student. On the cover write the student’s name and a list of the numbers of the Frog studypacks that the student is to practice independently. Give each student a booklet and one studypack. Give the directions and monitor the work carefully at first, being certain that students are following the directions. Once the students learn the procedure, they can do ANY Frog studypack with minimal supervision.
Download (480 KB PDF)

FLCG Game InstructionsFrog Learning Center Games Simple Game Rules
Once you teach your students these simple, easy-to-use learn rules, they can play any Frog Game with minimal supervision!
Download (744 KB PDF)