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Frog Family Fun-Packs

PA-834 Family Fun Pack Game Set - En Español & English, Level A Reading (plus 24 audio CDs)

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PA-834 Auditory Lesson Preview:
Preview a sample "Listen and Repeat Auditory Lesson" from one of the 24 audio CDs included with the Dual Language Level A Reading and Math Family Fun-Pack Set.

An instant parental-involvement, homework, and test-preparation program that lasts the entire year! Serves up to 24 students. Includes 24 Fun-Packs and 24 Bilingual Audio CDs to help students and parents master English.

Each of the 24 games reviews all of these essential skills.
Words in Context
Understanding Words 
End Punctuation 
Sentence Building
Sentence Completion 
Real or Make-Believe
Who, What, When, Where
Compound Words 
Singular or Plural
Using Pronouns
Position Words 
Sentences with No & Not
Verb Tenses 
Using Irregular Verbs
Endings: s, ed, ing
Endings: er, est
Short & Long Vowel Sounds
Beginning Sounds 
Consonant Substitution 
Final Sounds & Letters
Special Vowel Sounds