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Frog Family Fun-Packs

PA-833 Family Fun Pack Game Set - En Español & English, Level P Reading (plus 24 audio CDs)

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PA-833 Auditory Lesson Preview:
Preview a sample "Listen and Repeat Auditory Lesson" from one of the 24 audio CDs included with the Dual Language Level P Reading and Math Family Fun-Pack Set.

An instant parental-involvement, homework, and test-preparation program that lasts the entire year! Serves up to 24 students. Includes 24 Fun-Packs and 24 Bilingual Audio CDs to help students and parents master English.

Each of the 24 games reviews all of these essential skills.
• Word Families: Short a
• Harder Short a Words
• Silent e with i, o, u
• Word Families: Harder Short e Words
• Word Families: Short i
• Harder Short i Words
• Word Families: Short o
• Word Families: Short u
• Nouns with er
• Words with Tricky Vowels
• More Tricky Vowel Words
• Picking the Right Word
• Multiple Meanings
• Long E and Long A
• Harder Multiple Meanings
• Long or Short Sound?
• Animal Rhymes 
• Number Rhymes 
• Word Families: short e
• Parts of the Body
• Special Word Families
• Understanding Questions 
• Opposites
• Yes or No?
• Answering Questions