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FP-966 2nd Grade Bundle

Full Price: $436.94
Sale: $360.00
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The 2nd Grade Fast Start Collection includes all of the following items:*

3 Frog Learning Center Game Sets
FP-050 Reading and Language Set Level A
FP-055 Reading and Language Set Level B
FP-820 Math Power Set Level B
Terrific, Ready-to-Use Learning Centers!
• 25 games, each on a specific skill
• 10 vividly illustrated, laminated gameboards
• Multi-colored game tokens
• Colorful, laminated classroom display box
• Same easy-to-learn rules for all Frog games!
• Self-checking and hands-on!
• Students at different levels can play together!
Each set $99 if purchased separately.


5 Drops in the Bucket
MH-107 Drops in the Bucket - Reading Level P
MH-101 Drops in the Bucket - Reading Level A
MH-102 Drops in the Bucket - Reading Level B
MH-2021 Math Drops in the Bucket - Book 7

MH-2022 Math Drops in the Bucket - Book 8
Teacher Resource Books
• 12 weeks of systematic daily review!
• Reviews essential skills every day!
• Same directions and format each day!
• Independent practice!
Each book $19 if purchased separately.

Set of 6 Beanbag Frogs PLUS Teacher Handbook and Bonus Activities Sheet
• 6 adorable, multi-colored beanbag frogs: red, blue, green, yellow, pink and orange!
• 45 Beanbag Activities Teacher Handbook 
• BONUS! “30 Developmental Beanbag Activities” sheet
A $35 value.

*Bundle items may vary from time to time due to stock or vendor changes.