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Frog Super Learning Center Games

FP-8800 Learning Center Games - Math Power Set Level R (Reviews Kindergarten Math Skills)

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Get the NEW Math Power Set, Level R, for students of any age working at Kindergarten level.

Students play these 25 Frog Games independently using consistent, courteous rules:
• Count 0-10, Match to Numerals
• Count 10-20, Match to Numerals
• Missing Numerals up to 20
• One Less; Count Back from 20
• More Than, Less Than
• Recognize Small Quantities
• Count On by Ones
• Count On by Tens
• Compare Quantities
• Compare Attributes
• One More, One Less
• Sort, then Count or Add
• Addition Stories
• Subtraction Stories
• Missing Addends to Make 10
• Add Ones to Ten
• Addition Fact Fluency
• Subtraction Fact Fluency
• Coin Names and Values
• Classify by Categories
• Shapes in Complex Figures
• Two-Dimensional Shapes
• Three-Dimensional Shapes
• Geometric Attributes
• Attribute and Number Words