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FP-910 Pollywog Pairs™ Complete Collection - Get 9 Games!

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Pollywog Games go far beyond matching! Each game can be played 10 different ways to extend language skills and develop important meta-cognition, brain-use skills! Experts agree that these skills are vital for young children. Children can play Pollywog Pairs independently or in small groups with the teacher.

Each Pollywog Game includes 30 Colorful, 3-inch plastic cards!

This collection of 9 games contains the following:

  • FP-911 Color Match Game
  • FP-912 Letters
  • FP-913 Cause & Effect Match Game
  • FP-914 Preposition Match Game
  • FP-915 Regular Plurals Match Game
  • FP-918 Comparatives Match Game
  • FP-919 Reality and Fantasy
  • FP-921 Beginning Sounds Match Game
  • plus 1 additional surprise Pollywog Pairs Game!

Conserve Your Teaching Time!
You use the same easy-to-learn procedures with all twelve of the Pollywog Pairs Match Games.

Provide Mental Stimulation!
You select the procedure you want to use from the ten options we provide, based on your students' ages, modalities and needs; or you can use a different procedure each month. It's like getting a new set of games each month!

Always a Perfect Match!
Students can play by themselves, with a student partner, with a mentor, or in small groups with a teacher. Make any game shorter, longer, easier or harder simply by changing the number of cards used.

Amplify the Power to Learn!
The Pollywog learning procedures not only teach the language skills, but also develop important meta-cognition, brain-use skills.

Stimulate Language Development!
Skills were selected from those which experts agree are needed for language development, such as vocabulary, concepts, and patterns.

Safe and Durable!
All cards are printed with a soy-based ink (not petroleum). They are durable, washable, soft plastic with rounded corners for safety and they are just the right size to fit children's hands. 30 Colorful, 3-inch plastic cards in each game!