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Drops in the Bucket Frog Classroom Learning Games Sets Frog Family Fun-Pack Sets
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Whether your students need review in reading or math, Drops in the Bucket make it easy for you. Just a "little drop" of review every day makes old skills easy to remember and new skills easy to grasp! These easy-to-use teacher resource books contain 12 weeks of systematic daily review with the same easy directions and format each day. Drops in the Bucket utilize the learning principles of spaced practice, reinforcement, and repetition. Students develop both competence and confidence by using Drops in the Bucket every day. Because the directions and format do not change, students do the daily review independently after just a few days! While students work independently, the teacher is free to work with small groups or individuals for enrichment and remediation. Remember, the purpose of Drops in the Bucket is to provide review. Select them not by a student's age or grade, but by the student's independent or review level, usually starting one or two levels below the instructional level.

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Imagine the delight on your students' faces as they discover the fun and ease of learning with Frog Publications Classroom Learning Games. Each game focuses on a single important skill or topic. Students can play independently, freeing teachers to work with others. Play any game on any gameboard for immense variety - 250 game combinations - all with the same simple rules! Even students at different levels can play together! Each set contains 25 different self-checking games and 10 vividly illustrated gameboards. Frog Classroom Learning Games have been used by every school adopting the HOSTS (Helping One Child To Succeed) Learning Program, are research based and meet federal guidelines.

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A complete, ready-to-use, 24-week parental-involvement program. It serves up to 24 children and establishes a love of learning through nightly family-oriented games that review all of the important skills!

• Reviews 25 Skills Every Night so Kids Don't Forget
• Self-Checking Format
• Laminated Gameboards
• Same Directions Every Night Establishes a Routine
• Simple Instructions Make It Easy to Use
• Enjoyable Parent-Child Interaction Makes It Fun
• Many Skill Levels Available (some available in Spanish)
• Meets Federal and State Parent Involvement Guidelines

Every Frog Family Fun-Pack Game Set includes 24 different Family Fun-Packs and a Teacher-Pack of helpful support materials. The Teacher-Pack stores ready-to-use letters to parents, open-house suggestions, a handy checkout record sheet, an evaluation form, and suggestions for success. It is all ready to use!

Each of the 24 Fun-Packs includes a colorful laminated gameboard, a set of gamecards reviewing 25 skills, playing pieces, easy directions and a letter to parents in Spanish and English. Each Fun-Pack comes in its own weatherproof vinyl pouch with a velcro closure, ready to go from school to home.

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